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How to Succeed in 2018: Build a Success Scaffolding

Build your success scaffolding

Happy new year! Like most people, you’ve probably made some resolutions. I’ve joined a gym and I plan to have rock hard abs by mid January. By March, I hope I’ll have lost enough belly fat so my wife can see them. That’s something I hope for every year. Like most people, I usually forget…

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Hey Lift Clients: I’m sorry!

A photo to announce that Lift is Duct Tape Marketing Certified

I’ve got a confession to make: For the last 5 years, I’ve been short-changing my clients. WHOOMP! There it is! Actually, in looking back at the work I’ve done since I started Lift. I’m pleased with what I’ve achieved (with my clients, of course). I’ve had some great engagements with some really excellent local small…

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Small Business Marketing Success: Feeling Stuck?

Inspire your own small business marketing success

Are you a business owner trying to figure out a sensible small business marketing approach? You’re not alone. Many ambitious and resourceful people just like you have built amazing local businesses through hard work, integrity and street smarts. But many are also intimidated and stalled by today’s digital marketing landscape. They hear about things like…

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5 Things You Can Fix on Your Website This Week

Five things to fix on your website

It’s easy for small business owners to be overwhelmed at the prospect of creating a total online presence. Don’t worry. It can be just as hard for us marketers. You might have noticed that marketing agencies often have outdated websites. That’s because we’re so busy employing best practices for our customers that we fall behind in…

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5 Things to Know Before You Launch Your Website Project

Whether you’re going to attempt to do it yourself or you’re going to work with a website developer or agency, there are some things you need to know before you get started. Any good consultant will have a process to help you identify these things (at Lift we have a Client Worksheet that helps), but…

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