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5 Things You Can Fix on Your Website This Week

It’s easy for small business owners to be overwhelmed at the prospect of online marketing. Don’t worry. It can be just as hard for us marketers. You might have noticed that marketing agencies often have out of date websites. That’s because we’re so busy employing best practices for our customers that we fall behind in promoting…

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WPE Certified!

The WPElevation Certified Digital Consultant Logo

Lift owner James Bosma completed certification as a Digital Business Consultant with WP Elevation in 2016. WP Elevation is a global business mastermind group for WordPress consultants that helps its members better serve their clients through communication, development workflow and project management best practices. WP Elevation gives its members access to ongoing education and a…

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5 Things to Know Before You Launch Your Website Project

Whether you’re going to attempt to do it yourself or you’re going to work with a website developer or agency, there are some things you need to know before you get started. Any good consultant will have a process to help you identify these things (at Lift we have a Client Worksheet that helps), but…

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5 Reasons I Love Coworking

Three years ago, when I started Lift Communications, I was working from my dining room table. I’ve had jobs in the past where working from home was an option, but I never felt that I was as productive as I could be. There were always too many distractions — whether it was folding the laundry and…

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Wednesday Wisdom: Mindsets that Block Church Website Success

Wednesday Wisdom posts are brief blog posts with nuggets of useful information I’ve found around the web. I’ve developed several church websites as a communications consultant. Within church circles there seems to be a growing acceptance of the fact that a website is the church’s new front door: the first place people come when they want to…

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Wearing Many Hats

Back in my university days, I described myself on better days as a renaissance man; on worse days as a Jack of all trades, master of none. The point was, I always loved to do a lot of things. Reading. Writing. Music. Travel. Sports. Variety was the spice of life. Somewhere along the way, at…

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