Let's develop a comprehensive marketing system custom made for your business.

Strategy Icons

A lot of small business owners hear about the latest trends in online marketing—AI, pay per click, marketing automation—and begin to feel overwhelmed. There are already so many channels and tactics to consider, and it seems like there are new ones each day.

Of course, in an ideal world, your business would be taking advantage of all the available channels. But there’s no point in trying to jump ahead to the latest and greatest technology if you don’t have the basics under control.

That’s why we follow a specific model for marketing maturity. Made up of three stages—build, grow, and ignite—it encourages businesses to start with a solid foundation and work their way up to the final stage where all of the most effective channels are being used, and you’re optimizing and maximizing your existing marketing assets.

Once you've completed a Strategy First Marketing Plan, we'll have the information we need to create and deliver an on-going marketing program tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Each program is different, but the table below provides an overview of the kinds of strategies and tactics you can expect and the approximate monthly cost for each.

Marketing Systems




Marketing Website
Refresh WordPress Site
Mobile friendly
HTTPS secure
Local Pages
CRO Landing Pages
Premium Hosting & Care

Content Program
Core page content
Home page video
Review funnel
Ongoing blog content
Hub page development
Content upgrade for leads
Podcast or webinar
Sales materials
Press releases
Update old content

Google MyBusiness
Onsite SEO management
Key citation management
Link building
Google search console setup
Podcast guesting
Organic CTR optimized
Featured snippet program

Social Media
Social profile refresh
Social posting plan
Social promotion plan
Social engagement plan
Media and influencer outreach
Video channel
Live video program

Email Marketing
List cleanup
Re-engagement campaign
Monthly newsletter
Lead capture calls to action
Email confirmation & followup
Email lead nurture program
Email lead campaigns

Paid Lead Generation
Boost FB Posts Social media ad campaign Google Ads Remarketing campaigns Linked In lead generation (B2B)

Sales Enablement
Co-marketing partner plan
Lead discovery/orientation process
Speaking for leads
Repeat customer campaigns

Customer Experience
Review response plan
New customer onboarding process
Customer delight process
Referral program
Events program
Customer feedback program

CRM Tool
Data capture & cleanup
Sales pipeline process

Marketing Automation
Lead scoring process
Lead follow up sequences

Analytics goals
Advertising tracking
Call tracking