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At Lift, we come across a lot of great resources that help us and our clients get work done. Here are some of our favourites. Try them out using the links below.

Full disclosure:
Many of these are affiliate links, meaning we may receive a small bonus from these companies in exchange for making a great recommendation — just to be clear - we don't recommend anything we haven't used ourselves or for our clients.

Active Campaign

Ready to take the plunge into marketing automation? We love helping small businesses create a highly responsive customer experience by balancing automation of repeated task with a human touch.

Learn more here.

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity scheduler has been a game-changer. It enables clients, sales prospects, even friends to schedule time with you on your terms. It's synced to your calendar and allows you to set your preferences for a variety of meeting types. It's great for any small business, but especially great for appointment-based businesses.

Learn more here.

Free Agent

A friend recommended FreeAgent when Lift was first starting out. FreeAgent was developed specifically to help small businesses and freelancers take control of their finances. It allows us to set up all of our client accounts and projects, create professional estimates and invoices, and track our expenses. And it links to our banking information. All for just $20 a month.

Use this link, and we'll both receive an additional 10% off the monthly product fee.


Proposify is an online SAAS platform that enables you to create fully branded proposals. Proposal pages can be saved to a library, and several proposal templates exist giving you a variety of options. It's amazing, saves me a ton of time, and results in extremely impressive digitally delivered proposals.

Check them out here.


How consistent are your employees' email signatures? Are they the last bastion of employee self expression? That's not great from a customer experience perspective.

Wise stamp lets you control all of your employees signature information in a single place, and if your company is on Google Mail, you can also update all of them at once. If you want to make sure all your company signatures are formatted the same way, or you want to add a seasonal message or a review request and apply it to all 30 of your corporate email accounts at once. WiseStamp is the ticket.

Learn more here.