Wednesday Wisdom: Mindsets that Block Church Website Success

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I’ve developed several church websites as a communications consultant. Within church circles there seems to be a growing acceptance of the fact that a website is the church’s new front door: the first place people come when they want to learn more about a congregation. Of course, this isn’t news to the corporate world or even to the mega church world. But many smaller churches are only beginning to scratch the surface of online communications possibilities.

One of my pet peeves is that while many churches that have high (arguably the highest) standards for much of their work, they are willing to leave online communications up to enthusiastic volunteers or unqualified and reluctant administrative staff. Even worse, they don’t allocate any budget toward communications. There are also those who will tell you there are lots of free tools, like WordPress, that will allow you to just jump in and create your own website. Lickety split.

Any carpenter will tell you, the best tool in an untrained hand can be a dangerous thing. (Can anyone think of any carpenters?)

Any carpenter will tell you, the best tool in an untrained hand can be a dangerous thing. Click To Tweet

I raised some of these beefs with Church Juice communications director Jerod Clark at a conference last fall. (Church Juice is an organization linked to my denomination that helps churches to understand and implement better communications strategies. They do excellent work.) I’d like to think that I planted the seed for Jerod’s excellent blog post: Mindsets that Block Church Website Success.

Here are the highlights of the post. I encourage you to read the entire post when you are able:


Mindsets that Blog Church Website Success:

The web is not as important as building upkeep or paying the utility bills.

We don’t have the technological know-how.

Churches are exempt from good design.

A website invades the privacy of our members.

The website is separate from our other communications work.

We can put anyone in charge of maintaining our website.

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